Friday, October 5, 2007

Punching The Heavy Bag For Fat Loss And Getting Lean

You may be thinking, Me hit the heavy bag? Are you crazy? No, I'm not! I'm very serious, and know from experience what this training tool can do for you.

The great thing about the heavy bag is that it takes little space and can be used in your garage, attic, basement, or spare room. So you can get a great workout in without leaving your home!

You will need a pair of hand wraps which you can buy at any sporting goods store. They are very inexpensive and will last along time. !2 or 16 ounce bag gloves can be bought at the sporting good store to, along with the heavy bag. Really everything you need is just a short drive from you at the sporting goods store.

The heavy bag gets you in shape quick because it's an anaerobic workout. You also use muscles that you haven't used in awhile. Your punching against resistance and that's the secret to the fast results you get. Hitting the bag releases A LOT of stress too. Hey, who wouldn't want that?!

That's why the fat literally is melted of your body. This fun and exciting workout burns allot of calories, do to the way you are punching the bag. This is not a passive workout.

People become addicted to it and fall in love with it because of the above results. Their bad moods are punched away, along with the pounds. So you can enter a workout session unhappy and when it's over, leave rejuvenated and full of energy.

You can perform 2-4 rounds of heavy bag work. Depending on your condition, you can use any wear between 1-3 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest between rounds.

Doesn't seem like much you may be asking? I'm telling you, give it a try and feel for your self. You will be glad you did. You will also know why people are truly addicted to this fine underused training tool.

For basic instruction, you can go to my website. and get my free special report that gives you a sample boxing workout, heavy bag workout with pictures. People are telling me I'm crazy to be giving this amazing info away for free. So hurry up and get your special report before I come to my senses and take it down.

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