Sunday, October 7, 2007

4 Steps to Help You Get the Best Design for Your Photo Bag

A photo bag is always a great gift for yourself or others because it enables you to keep cherished memories close wherever you go. Take your time when designing your photo handbag to end up with a perfect product.

Steps to Help You Get the Best Design for Your Photo Bag The first two steps are actually interchangeable depending on which you deem more important – type of photo or bag. t Step #1 Choosing a Photo
Search for the photo that you wish most to immortalize through your photo handbag. In this step, it’s all about what you care that matters. It could be a photo of you and your grandmother who had recently passed away, the first photo taken of you and your partner, a photo of your newly born child, or a photo of your family during your vacation in Paris.

The photo must be of good quality so it can be printed clearly on the bag’s surface later on. If the photo’s pretty old, have a professional edit it first. You can choose two different photos if you wish and have them printed separately on each side of your bag.

If it’s a close up photo, you can use it even on smaller-sized bags, but if it’s a photo with lots of background details, it might suit a larger-sized bag more.

Step #2 Choosing the Bag Size and Type,br> Let’s say that your photo will suit all sizes of bags. If that’s the case, you’ll now have the benefit of choosing the right size and type of bag according to your preferences.

As most photo bag sellers nowadays offer all kinds of bags, you’ll definitely have a fun time choosing. If you take a look at the marketplace today, you’ll no doubt see photo bags ranging from vanity cases to purses to wristlets to handbags to tote bags to backpacks and so much more.

Choose what you feel you want and need most.

Step #3 Choosing Other Bag Features Sometimes, the photo bag maker will allow you to fully customize your bag. In this case, consider the following factors:

Handle Type – Look for something sturdy like bamboo handles or those that are stitched multiple times to the body. The color of your bag’s handles may also be different from the body color of the bag to provide contrast.

Material – If it’s photo quality you’re most concerned of, choose fabrics that are easily printed on like cotton rather than leather. Choose a fabric that’s durable and allows you to select from a variety of colors and styles.

Text – A number of photo bag designers also allow you to add text to your bag. They might require you not to go beyond a specific number of characters depending on the bag size or if you don’t want to be charged extra. Choose he font color and type that will best match the design of your bag.

Step #4 Ordering Your Bag
You’ve now finished designing your photo bag. All you have to do is submit your order form. Make sure you go over it several times by yourself and with the designer or any of the company’s representatives to make sure they get every detail right. You can usually upload your photo to their website or mail it to them by post.

You’ll usually receive your photo bag in a few weeks’ time. Have fun when you do!

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